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The first Newsletter to be published by COTAC was issued in February 1993. Developed as part of the COTAC ‘Network Project’ which had begun in November 1992, it was funded by a grant from the Department of the Environment, for use in promoting the establishment of a National Network of Building Conservation Training Centres over a three year period across the UK. Drafted by Graham Lee and Maurice Mendoza, the Newsletter was sent to a wide range of people and organisations concerned with building conservation including government departments, local authorities, professional and trade organisations, building firms specialising in the repair and adaptation of historic buildings and amenity societies.

The Newsletter developed over the years to include contact details of Network members, who often contributed articles in addition to providing details of conservation courses that they offered, and technical articles which were received for inclusion from several important individuals and organisations in the conservation world. A total of 17 paper Newsletters were issued between 1993 and 2001 when, sadly, publication ceased due to lack of resources, following withdrawal of grant funds to COTAC. The last paper Newsletter was mailed to over 1600 recipients.

During its 9 years of publication the paper Newsletter reported on 8 COTAC International Conferences and amongst many subjects included information about ICOMOS; its Training and Education Guidelines; ICCROM; the Venice training centre at San Servolo; St Pancras Chambers; Woodchester Mansion; the Heritage Building Contractors Group and the Globe Theatre. Much of the information covered in the paper newsletters remains relevant and of interest today. Building on these foundations the pool of information is now being added to through the ‘COTAC Newsletter’, an electronic newsletter, introduced in December 2018, copies of which may be downloaded through our ‘Previous COTAC Newsletters’ page.

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