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In furtherance of COTAC’s Educational Aims and Objectives, the “COTAC Learning” intentions will be of value to a wide range of interested parties. This will include students, the general public; and those crafts, trades and professionals who wish to gain a greater “Appreciation” and “Awareness” of practical building conservation matters, their associated challenges and working practices.

The freely available, downloadable pdf “Insight Series” of educational and training materials are offered within COTAC’s overarching Understanding Conservation School initiative. To ensure consistency in approach, all components of the Series are integrated, having been based upon, or linked to, the universally adopted ICOMOS Education and Training Guidelines.

Much can be gained from a close scrutiny of what buildings, sites or structures can show about how they were constructed, the materials that were used and how they have performed over time. The following “Insight Series” of well-illustrated documents include a large range of local, national and international buildings and locations which reveal these processes.

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COTAC Insight 3
The Potteries and Surrounding Areas:
Introductory Presentation + Presentation Support Notes
Part 1: Understanding the Region, Part 2: Appreciating the Region


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