Conference 2014

The conference programme

The conference examined principles and case histories to help designers and users benefit from lessons learnt in consequence of dealing with fire and flood.

Key topics
  • Disaster planning and management
  • What work is being carried out in the field
  • The range of available technical solutions
  • The challenges that have to be addressed

Speaker abstracts and biographies

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CONFERENCE REPORT in three parts
Conference summary
Part 1 Fire
Part 2 Flood

COST ACTION C17: Fire Loss to Historic Buildings
Speaker: Ingval Maxwell OBE
Chair, COTAC

Fire Safety in Heritage Buildings: Providing guidance with the context of the built heritage
Speaker: Johanna Berntsson-Arje
Heritage Lead, London Fire Brigade

The Glasgow School of Art Fire: Lessons learnt
Speaker: David Mitchell/Chris McGregor
Historic Scotland

Building Regulations: Sympathetic Interventions in the Care of Heritage Buildings
Speaker: Toby McCorry
Chartered fire engineer, TOGA Fire

Selection of Fire Suppression Systems for Cultural Resources
Speaker: Stewart Kidd
Secretary-General, British Automatic Fire Sprinkler Association

Flooding and the Historic Environment
Speaker: David Pickles
Senior Architect, English Heritage

Tirley Church case study in flood resilience measures
Speaker: Henry Russell OBE
Chair, Gloucester DAC; University of Reading

Flooding and the National Trust experience
Speaker: Katy Lithgow
Head Conservator, National Trust

Code of Practice for the Recovery of Flood Damaged Buildings
Speaker: Stephen Hodgson
CEO Property Care Association

Disaster Planning and its Implementation for BIM4C requirements
Speaker: Ingval Maxwell OBE

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