COTAC Study 4

COTAC Web-search List of UK + RoI Heritage Courses 2020
ISSN 2634-7709
Correct to 16 November 2020 the material offered in this Study has been directly sourced, as a desk exercise, from the on-line web-sites of numerous institutes’ in the UK and Republic of Ireland that indicated their delivery of Heritage orientated courses.

The listed information is presented by University location, Award Level, Course Title, if the material is presented as a Module, and which organisation offers their accredited recognition, together with the reference url from where the information was obtained.

At a time when considerable uncertainty exists as to how higher education might be delivered in the future due to the 2020 Covid pandemic, this Study is also intended to provide a baseline against which any future changes might be measured and assessed.

Users of this Study may wish to be made aware of the more focused lists of Postgraduate, Undergraduate, Craft and Short Courses is maintained and offered under the Conservation Courses website tab. Here, it is anticipated, COTAC will aim to present up-to-date information as and when that might be released by the various providers.

Listed by Award Level and by alphabetical Location, the Study content lists:

  • Architectural Conservation Courses
  • Courses offered with Architectural Conservation Modules (May be optional)
  • Architectural Technology (Conservation not specified)
  • Heritage Courses (Not necessarily Architectural)

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