Corporate Plan

In 2019 the Council on Training in Architectural Conservation (COTAC) reached a significant milestone with its 60th Anniversary. As a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) COTAC was confirmed as being entered on the Register of Charities on 21 July 2015, with the Registered Charity Number: 1162750. COTAC’s 21st century role is no less critical than that of its past and its intentions to address current needs was projected by its 2019-2024 Corporate Plan

New technologies, including aspirations to low carbon retrofit, demanded energy efficiencies and emerging digital innovations such as laser scanning, 3D printing and Building Information Modelling (BIM), can too easily obscure the need for a core understanding of traditional materials and technologies, and how to approach historic structures with a finely-honed set of skills in order to avoid damage to them and their inherent record of history and interventions.

The Corporate Plan was prepared with a view to addressing a potentially significant imbalance occurring between emerging new-build intentions and conservation needs whilst recognising that the intentions had an equally relevant application on the international front, occasioned by its new website
Mid-term Review of Corporate Plan: 2019- 2024

Mid-way through the COTAC Corporate Plan 2019-2024 period, by March 2021 voluntary operational work had focussed on initiating and promoting new website content, with recognised ISSN Series identifications, as reported in the mid-term review.
Corporate Plan: 2019- 2024

The strategic website content developments are based on the Corporate Plan period which outlines intentions to promulgate learning outcomes to a wide range of potential audiences. These will include lay, school, student, general education, training, vocational and professional user

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