COTAC Studies

Potteries and Surrounding Areas

With a focus on The Potteries and Surrounding Areas this well-illustrated two-part study was undertaken by Barry Bridgwood and Ingval Maxwell for COTAC in support of its aim to advance a broader understanding by those involved in the protection and sustainability of the historic environment, including the general public.

It is intended Part 1: Understanding the Region, be read in conjunction with Part 2: Appreciating the Region. Both Parts are available as pdf downloads below.
Part 1 is offered in nine Sections, addressing:
  • 1. Understanding the Area
  • 2. What is important about The Potteries 3. The Character of The Potteries
  • 4. Getting to know the Surroundings
  • 5. Remaining Issues at the Heart of the Area 6. The Legacy and what might be done
  • 7. What can help make the best decisions? 8. Achieving an Understanding
  • 9. Working Together
Part 2 is offered in five Sections, addressing:
  • 1. What is special and why?
  • 2. Is appearance and appeal important? 3. How does a building work?
  • 4. What needs to be thought about?
  • 5. How does what we do affect the heritage?

A succession of Information Boxes support the illustrated texts whilst also including a series of Section Questions aimed at developing a deeper awareness of the issues involved.

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